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Terms and Conditions




AGREEMENT:Customer agrees to the terms of this agreement. By signing this agreement, you give PLR the right to use photos taken at your event on our website and or advertisement.


A (4) to (6) week notice is requested. It is highly recommended to ensure that your selection is available. A 2 week notice is required. Any reservation up to 10 days prior may incur an additional charge of 2% for all last minute orders.  Reservations along with a security deposit locks in your date and guarantees your selection. A 50% deposit is required when making a reservation. The order Balance is due (7) days prior to the event date. 


All rentals are  for time out, whether used or not. Listed prices are for a one day rental. One day rental is a total of (72) hours, which means that the order may be picked up the day before the event date and returned the day after the event date. Sunday returns will be arranged. 


A $300.00 Minimum order is required for a Saurday delivery.

Delivery charges begin at $35.00 based on zip code, on the number of items and bulkiness of items delivered.  Deliver is to the door at street level.

Please return all packing materials. Same day delivery and pick up after 5pm will incur an additional fee. All items must be packed and ready at the agreed time following your event. Items must be stored in a secured location until pick up time. If items are not accessible upon pickup, another days rental fee will be charged. If the renter is not available  for delivery or pickup, it is your responsibility to coordinate with the venue or a specific person to ensure all items are gathered, boxed and in the designated area for pick up. If the ceremony and reception are in two different locations an additional delivery fee will apply. Please be sure to mention all these details so that we can provide you with an appropriate quote.


Orders may be picked up the day before your event date if ordered  (2) weeks prior. Last minute orders pick up time is at PLR's discretion.


Set Up and tear down prices are available upon request. Fee are determined by the total number of items, assembly time, and decorating involved. If PLR is setting up your event,  all tables and chairs must be in place before we arrive. If table and chairs are not set up, we can not guarantee that your event  set up will be completed on time. If we do not finish, we are not able to reurn the set up fees to you. The fee does  not include tear down, clean up, or removal. 

Client set up:

If you opt to set up yourself, all rented items including small parts and accessories must be placed into the proper containers and cleaned if necessary. Please do not leave water in vases and do not discard small rented items. All vases,container, boxes, totes and packing materials must be returned to avoid replacement fees. It is your responsibility to inspect all items and inform us of any damages prior to your event . 


The Customer will be charged a 50 percent restocking fee for any rentals cancelled with less than seven business days notice prior to the event. No refund shall be made  when cancelled closer to the event or items have left the office. Any refunds to the customer will be paid by check within 21 days of cancellation.


If returned late , you wil be charged an additional days rental. If items are not returned or damaged, you will be charged a replacement fee. Replacement fees are normally 3 to 4 times the rental fees. You are responsible for returning linen in the same condition that you received them except normal wear.Normal wear is food, beverage and other consumable stains. DO NOT place wet or heavily soiled linen in plastic bags, will cause MILDEW. ALL FOOD AND DEBRIS MUST BE SHAKEN OFF LINEN BEFORE PACKING. THIS WILL PREVENT YOU BEING CHARGED A REPLACEMENT FEE.  CONDITIONS THAT CAUSE LINEN TO BE DESTROYED ARE BURNS, CANDLE WAX, CANDLES, HOLES, INK, MILDEW AND ANY UNREMOVABLE STAINS. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT CANDLES ,HOT PANS OR MIRRORS WITH SHARP EDGES ARE NOT SET IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE LINEN. THIS INCLUDES ANYTHING THAT IS POTENTIALLY DAMAGING DUE TO HEAT, MELTING, AND CUTTING. THE REPLACEMENT FEES ARE GENERALLY EQUAL TO THREE TO FOUR TIMES THE RENTAL FEE OF EACH ITEM.  PLEASE BE SURE TO SECURE WHEN NOT IN USE AND PROTECTED FROM THE WEATHER. 


We accept credit cards. A 3% surcharge for all credit cards transactions.


PLR  shall not be liable for any injury or damage directly or indirectly arising out of the use of rented items. Customer shall hold PLR harmless from all claims, actions, Proceddings, cost, and damages and liabilities including attorney fees arising from the use ,inability to use or misuse of rented items. Customer agrees to be responsible for all damages and cost, including, but not limited to cost and attorney fees.

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